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Abrasive Wheels Awareness Level 1 (VTQ)

Who can take this Course?

Construction Workers, Contractors, Manufacturing, Builders and anyone using abrasive wheels.


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VTQ Level 1

About the Course

Do you work with abrasive wheels? Anyone who works with or around someone who uses abrasive wheels should understand their responsibilities in the workplace. This course will help you meet your health & safety training requirements while using abrasive wheels. We can deliver this as classroom training or arrange onsite training at your place of work, depending on what you need.

All staff who use abrasive wheels must receive abrasive wheel training in the safe usage of the equipment and replacement of wheels, according to The Provision and Use of Work Equipment 1998 (PUWER). Managers can also learn about their responsibilities under the rules as a result of this course.

The requirements for training have been broadened to encompass abrasive wheel equipment used in the consumer market, as well as those manufacturing, specifying, selling, purchasing, supervising, and using it.

The course will inform learners about the Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992, as well as the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Anyone who uses or employs people who use abrasive wheels as part of their work should take this course. Abrasive wheels are used in a variety of applications and processes, and they must be utilized correctly and securely. Hand grinding and disc cutting are just a few of the applications. They may be used to make rough cuts and scores in materials, as well as fine polishing and finishing, at any point of a work process. Different wheels will have different properties and characteristics suitable for particular tasks. They may also have drawbacks and pose hazards in handling and use that are different from one another. As a result, you must use the proper abrasive wheel with the proper equipment at all times.

This and all of our courses have a Certified CPD Statement, as well as a ProTrainings Certificate and Evidence-Based Learning statement, that has been independently certified to comply with globally recognized Continuous Professional Development (CPD) standards.

This IIRSM & CPD Approved course covers the following modules:

Introduction to Abrasive Wheels.

What is the Anatomy of an Abrasive Wheel?

What are the Dangers of Abrasive Wheels?

What are the Abrasive Wheel Safety procedures?

Safe Speeds of using abrasive wheels.

Other Wheel Markings.

Storage and Handling of equipment.

Checking and Testing equipment and safety procedures.

Training and Certification in abrasive tools.

The role of Inspections.

Course Summary.

So why wait any longer? Enrol yourself as soon as possible on our next class!

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