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Advanced Life Support (ALS) Level 3 (VTQ)

Who can take this Course?

Medical professionals, First Aiders, Air Stewardess, Ambulance Technicians and other professions under the ERC guidelines.


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About the Course

Advanced Life Support (ALS) is a course designed to provide the necessary life support and CPR skills required by healthcare professionals.

The UK Resuscitation Council guidelines ensure that healthcare professionals know the necessary procedures and techniques when faced with a sudden cardiac arrest.

In addition, your ALS class will also teach you about other emergencies such as stroke and drowning, along with general first aid knowledge.

The Advanced Life Support course teaches you the highest level of life support skills. The UK Resuscitation Council has set guidelines for several situations, which the course will cover. As well as this, extra classes are being added to the curriculum to teach new skills and improve upon existing ones.

With an advanced life support course from us, you can be sure that you will have learnt all of the necessary skills to give your client a high standard of care.

We offer both classroom and blended online classes, so we have a course for you whether you prefer face-to-face or online learning. In addition to teaching onsite classes, we also provide online training through our website and app. We pride ourselves on our high standards and want every individual who signs up for our class to experience this first-hand by getting certified with Advance Life Support at VTQ level 3!

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