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Autism Awareness

Who can take this Course?

Healthcare workers


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About the Course

Autism is a complex brain disorder that presents differently in each person. In this course, you will learn more about autism and how it affects the lives of those affected. You will discover why autism is so difficult to diagnose and how ASD manifests differently in different people.

You will learn more about Autistic Spectrum Disorder and the conditions that fall under its umbrella. You'll see why it's essential to look out for signs of autism in your child or loved one and where to turn if you have any concerns.

Autism is a complex condition that affects every individual differently. No two people with autism are alike, and in this course, we will explore what ASD is, how to look after autistic patients and the many subtypes of autism.

We will delve into the challenges associated with social skills, repetitive behaviours, speech and nonverbal communication that are all common within the autism spectrum. We will also explore how people with ASD experience their condition and learn new skills, whether they have high functioning or low functioning levels of ability.

Through this course, you will understand more about what it means to be a person living with autism today - but most importantly, you'll get practical tips on how you can support your patient when they need it most!

autism awareness training course
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