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Basic Infection Control Level 1 (VTQ)

Who can take this Course?

Cleaners, Car Breakers, Hotel cleaners, Refuse collection, Schools and teachers, Plumbing, Sewage processing, Social Services, Laboratory work (forensic, research etc., )Local authority services (street cleaning/park maintenance/refuse disposal/public lavatory maintenance), Medical/dental equipment repair, Police.


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VTQ Level 1

About the Course

Basic Infection Control Level 1 is an online course that educates new employees about infection prevention. It will teach them about infection control and other essential health-related topics such as preventative healthcare, disease reporting, etc.

Level 1 is meant to be an entry point into understanding how hospitals work and what they expect from their new employees. If you're interested in gaining insight into your next career move, this class is for you!

Essential Infection Control is the most critical yet under-utilized tool in preventing healthcare-associated infections. Why? Because it's not just about knowing how to clean and disinfect; it's also about understanding why you're doing so and the potential risks. With this course, you'll learn how to control infection by understanding the basics of common pathogens, how they spread, and what can be done to help prevent them from entering your hospital or healthcare facility.

Staying healthy is essential, but what about staying safe? With the prevalence of infectious diseases like Coronavirus and its mutants, you should know that many dangers are lurking. That's why it's essential to stay up-to-date with information on infection control. This level 1 course will teach you all the basics to work safely and keep your co-workers and patients safe.

Essential Infection Control is a practical course on preventing the spread of infections in your workplace. It teaches you about the causes of diseases, ways to avoid them, and the tools and techniques used to clean, disinfect and sanitise your work area. Attending this training can help you stay healthy at work or protect others by staying on top of disease prevention practices. You will also hear from someone who has experienced first-hand what it's like dealing with an outbreak at work. Not only will you walk away knowing the basics of infection control, but you will also better understand what your colleagues go through when faced with an outbreak.

Learn how to handle viruses and bacteria, prevent cross-contamination, and use protective equipment correctly. And don't worry - we'll give you a test later! If you're interested in gaining insight into infection prevention and infection control, this class is for you!

Whether your job entails health care, hospitality, or retail industries, learning about infection control will help keep you and your co-workers safe from diseases that a person, patient or hazardous materials could pass on.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity! Please also check out our other Infection Control for Healthcare Course today.

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