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Care Certificate Standard 10: Safeguarding Adults

Who can take this Course?

Healthcare workers, Social Care workers including ancillary services where you have direct contact with patients.


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About the Course

When working with vulnerable adults, you must be up to speed on care standards for the protection of adults at risk. The Care Certificate Standard 10 will help employers understand their obligations when working with vulnerable adults.

With modules on safeguarding adults at risk covering everything from understanding adult safeguarding practices to performing practical tasks in the workplace, this online course gives you the tools you need to succeed. As well as providing a thorough understanding of how to carry out safeguarding procedures, this module also covers all of the relevant safeguarding of adults legislation and ensures that your practice complies with best practices.

We're excited about how this module on safeguarding adults will benefit you and your care team! By completing this online training programme, you'll be able to confidently explain what it means to 'Safeguard Adults' and equip yourself with the skills necessary for a successful career in aged care or dementia services. Sign up today for your free trial account to see how we can help boost your knowledge and skills!

Your workplace is full of adults in care, but they can be more vulnerable than other people. You must take care of their rights and interests in their residence. We have created this module on Care Certificate 10: Safeguarding Adults.

You will learn how to conduct a thorough investigation before making any change or decision regarding an adult employee's welfare, rights, and interests at work. Then you'll complete functional units designed for your workplace that teach you how to identify issues and make changes when necessary.

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