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Care Certificate Standard 12: Basic Life Support

Who can take this Course?

Healthcare workers, Social Care workers including ancillary services where you have direct contact with patients.


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About the Course

Basic First Aid is a mandatory requirement for anyone looking to work in the healthcare and social care sector, and it's also becoming increasingly more important for those who want to become professional carers. The Care Certificate 12 Standards in Basic Life Support, from course provider Basic Life Support, is designed specifically for carers looking to learn the necessary skills to look after themselves and others.

This first aid course for social carers includes the latest CPR and Coronavirus recommendations that can be used towards the full care certificate, giving you all the information you need to know to care for yourself or someone else. It covers all of the necessary information so that you are ready to face an emergency.

There is a short practical module that you'll need to complete the Certificate standard 12 in Basic Life Support, which will show your competency while giving you feedback on your performance. If you'd like to learn these new skills, please don't hesitate to call us on 01603339053!

Caring for others is a unique skill and one that we often take for granted. As a first aid instructor, I realize the importance of knowing how to be selfless, assist someone in distress and make their life better.

Our ability to understand different emergencies in care sets us apart; we will impart the basic life support skills to you so you can act confidently to provide the best possible care. So many people choose us when they want quality education and skills-based training.

Care Certificate Standard 12 in Basic Life Support provides a first aid course for carers and covers all essential CPR techniques and recommendations for preventing and handling common medical emergencies like heart attacks, strokes, falls, etc. It also provides you with the latest standards about infection control (including appropriate dress code for working with patients) and first aid for various injuries at home or on the job. And because it's part of our comprehensive health and safety training program, you'll get convenient access to our vast network of affiliates nationwide wherever you are on your path towards certification!

So call us today - 01603339053 - or visit our website!

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