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Community First Aid Level 2 (VTQ)

Who can take this Course?

Church groups, Youth groups or families or individuals


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VTQ Level 2

About the Course

Community First Aid gives you basic first aid training to help in your community and trains you to use community AED units. You will understand how to deal with a first aid emergency in your local community.
As members of the community you belong to, you can give the basics of CPR and immediate care, increasing your confidence to help even the most severe condition of cardiac arrest.
This course meets the latest CPR and Coronavirus recommendations.
The Course Curriculum covers the following modules:
Course Introduction
Introduction to family first aid
Initial Safety and Care
Fears of First Aid
Asking Permission to Help
Scene Safety
Chain of Survival
Primary Assessment of casualty and Recovery Position
Stop Think Act before dealing with an incident.
Barriers to protect first aiders against infection
How to treat Cardiac Arrest
Demonstration of Adult, Child, Infant CPR
Demonstrate Adult CPR Hand Over
Demonstrate and show the rationale behind Compression-Only CPR
AED Introduction
The algorithm in Child CPR
Child CPR Breakdown
Demonstrate Infant CPR
Understand the signs and symptoms of Heart Attack and Stroke
What is a Heart Attack?
What is Stroke?
Demonstrate techniques to treat Choking
What to do when dealing with a Conscious and Unconscious Adult Choking
What steps to take with a Conscious and Unconscious Child Choking
What to do with a Conscious and Unconscious Infant Choking
How to Control of Bleeding?
Discuss the identification of Types of Bleeding
What is Serious or Catastrophic Bleeding?

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