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Drug Awareness and Misuse Level 1 (VTQ)

Who can take this Course?

Healthcare workers, Teachers, Social Workers


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VTQ Level 1

About the Course

The drug awareness and the misuse of drugs course will increase your knowledge about drugs. It is a great way to learn more about the effect of drugs on our bodies, what they can do to you, and how you can be a responsible user. This course on drug awareness and the misuse of drugs teaches you how to identify the dangers of certain substances and what actions you should take if you suspect someone of misusing these substances. Most importantly, it increases your awareness of the problem so that you can give an educated answer next time someone asks for your opinion on a drug-related issue.

In healthcare organisations across all settings, we have seen that programs like this change perceptions of drug use and help create an inclusive culture for everyone, regardless of their background or experience with substance use. Whether at work or school, in healthcare organisations worldwide, we're making our communities safer by promoting healthy attitudes towards alcohol and other substances - attitudes like these will make our lives better!

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