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Family First Aid Level 2

Who can take this Course?

Parents, Families.


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VTQ Level 2

About the Course

If you're looking for a way to learn from the experts in first aid, then look no further. Our family first aid course offers the most comprehensive and tailored overview of how to treat injuries and illnesses when they inevitably occur.

Our family first aid course focuses on the mechanisms of injuries faced by families in day-to-day life, so you'll get a tailored overview on mitigating risk and treating injuries and illnesses when they inevitably occur. We cover all the essentials, so you can be confident that you're up to speed with everything needed for a safe and effective response to emergencies.

Why choose us for your first aid course? Because we're family first and foremost, and that's what counts. You care about the well-being of your loved ones, and

You want to ensure they have everything they need to be safe at home. When you decide to enrol in our class, you'll learn everything you need to know about predicting and preventing |accidents, basic life support techniques, and how to handle minor injuries like cuts and bruises, all while keeping the safety of everyone involved in mind.

Our team is committed to providing quality classes that are both fun and informative! We have 24 years of experience teaching first aid courses across the country. Our classes are small, so each attendee gets plenty of attention from our instructors. As we teach families, there will be a friendly social atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable asking questions throughout the class. Let us help you build a strong foundation for caring for yourself and your loved ones today!

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