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First Aid at Work Annual Refresher (VTQ)

Who can take this Course?

Anyone who has an expired certificate of less than a month or due to expire.


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About the Course

You know your employees are well taken care of, don't you? But do you also know that first aid training is integral to the modern employee health and safety program? We've created this new online First Aid at Work annual refresher course for you.

Held by experts in first aid, this course will teach you everything from CPR to managing a hazardous materials spill. Every worker must know how to respond in an emergency, so our certified instructors will help you refresh your knowledge anytime, anywhere. With our online courses, convenient scheduling options, and no-cost equipment rental fee, it's easy to get the training your team needs!

What does the refresher course cover? Our First Aid at Work refresher course covers both general first aid and specific workplace needs, such as CPR, emergency preparedness, managing a hazardous materials spill, and dealing with chemical emergencies. Our expert instructors will teach you everything you need to know to keep your employees safe in a crisis.

Why must I do a refresher course? Employees who are updated on their first aid skills are less likely to need medical attention in an emergency. Our online First Aid at Work refresher course is the most convenient and affordable way to ensure your employees are well-prepared for any situation.

When does the course start? The First Aid at Work refresher course starts now! You can begin taking our classes immediately, or you can choose to wait until a specific date that best suits your schedule. Either way, it's easy to start - we'll help you plan your class! Complete the online part of the First Aid At Work Refresher course and save the day in the classroom. You are recommended to do this course annually during the life of your existing First Aid at Work Certificate.

Do your courses conform to industry standards? Yes, our First Aid at Work refresher courses fully complies with industry standards HSE and Resuscitation Council guidelines. Our trainers have years of experience in the medical field and know how to teach you the skills you need to keep your employees safe.

Do I need any special equipment or training? No, our online First Aid at Work refresher course is entirely self-contained and does not require any special equipment or training. You only need internet access and a place to sit during class sessions.

So register today and start building a safer workplace today!

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