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First Aid at Work Level 3 (VTQ) - FAW Requal Blended

Who can take this Course?

Anyone who has an expired certificate of less than a month or due to expire.


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VTQ Level 3

About the Course

Did you know that first aid is a requirement in almost every workplace across the globe? According to the Health and Safety Executive, it is advised that businesses with five or more employees must have first aid provisions to meet their health and safety requirements. Not only is it an essential life-saving course, but it's also a way to stay safe on the job.

And with this level 3 online course on First Aid at Work, you can refresh your knowledge and get certified again as a fully qualified first aider in the workplace. You'll learn about different kinds of injuries and how to treat them safely and effectively, so you can keep others safe too. Plus, when you're finished with part one of the course, you'll be ready for part two- a classroom session taught by an instructor that will certify you as a first aid professional.

For many, the first reaction to an injury or a medical emergency is fear. Why? From a very young age, humans are conditioned to react with fear in the face of danger. This is ingrained into our brains through survival instincts and learning. It's so deeply ingrained that people sometimes don't even realise they're reacting with fear until after the fact!

When faced with an injury or medical emergency, it can be hard to shake off your fear and think logically about what you need to do. The first step is recognising that you're experiencing anxiety- which may include feeling like you can't breathe or seeing spots in front of your eyes- and then taking steps to counter it.

Some simple techniques you can use to overcome anxiety in an emergency are:

- Breathe deeply and slowly, counting to 10 while you do so

- Picture yourself in a calm and relaxing place, such as your bedroom or garden

- Spend time focusing on what you need to do rather than worrying about the situation itself

- Practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided imagery.

After all, if something goes wrong when you're around, chances are it could affect you. This is precisely why First Aid at Work Level 3 (VTQ) is so important for everyone.

With FAW Requalification Blended, you can refresh your knowledge and be certified again as a fully qualified first aider in the workplace. How? FAW Requalification Blended is a convenient online course that allows you to learn at your own pace.

The blended learning format means you can work through the modules at your speed - taking as much or as little time as you need to get the certification you want. And because it's an online course, there are no exams, only a quiz at the end – so there’s no pressure to finish on time!

You can also access support materials. The online course covers the same material as part one of FAW Level 3, with interactive learning that makes it easy to understand and remember what's being taught. In addition to this online training, continuing education options are available for those who want to maintain their certification over the lifetime of the FAW certificate. Complete part one of your requalification course online and then book a practical classroom training near your workplace. Don't wait any longer--get started today on your path to becoming an expert in first aid!

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