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Food Safety Level 1 (VTQ)

Who can take this Course?

People indirectly involved in food production include Transport workers, Shop staff, Bar staff, Servers, and Carers.


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VTQ Level 1

About the Course

There's nothing worse than knowing that you might be spreading food poisoning or making your customers trust you less. Ensuring you're following all the rules and regulations when preparing food is essential for anyone who wants their business to run smoothly. A Food Hygiene Certificate course will teach you everything you need about food safety and preparation. From understanding how contamination occurs to learning how to prevent cross-contamination, these courses will equip you with all the knowledge you need so that your customers can feel safe and confident when coming into your establishment.

With our high-quality Food Safety Level 1 courses, you'll learn everything you require for food businesses to operate legally and safely in the UK. We cover all the basics, including regulations, precautions, reporting hygiene and safety requirements, infection control and infection prevention, cross-contamination prevention strategies and more!

Whether a catering professional or a food handler, Food Safety Level one is essential for maintaining healthy and hygienic food. With this introductory course, you'll learn the basics of food hygiene and preparation while also getting an overview of regulations. You'll also learn about sanitation, proper meal planning, and much more.

Food safety is your responsibility!

Food Safety and Hygiene are essential for every food business. By taking a Food Hygiene Certification Course, you can identify the gaps in your knowledge and update your skills accordingly. A Food Safety Level 1 course will help you understand the basics of food hygiene, food regulations, precautions, and care when preparing food for others. Food safety includes cross-contamination and reporting hygiene and safety. Food Safety Level 1 certification is a great starting point for many food businesses. No matter what you do in the food industry, you must understand food safety. Whether you're a chef preparing a dish for your customers or a janitor cleaning up after them, learning how to keep your business safe from contamination is essential. Our Food Safety Level 1 courses will teach you everything you need to have a sound understanding of food hygiene and protect yourself and your customers from any potential health hazards.

Food safety starts with knowing the basics! Our Food Safety Level 1 course will teach you about sanitation principles, proper meal planning and preparation techniques, and more. By the end of this course, you'll have a foundational understanding of food safety that can help you in any food business.

Food businesses must have a minimum level of knowledge regarding their procedures before they can apply for a certification or license from the government of the country they operate; this is called a pre-qualification requirement. The courses offered by Mirbly meet this requirement by providing comprehensive training on the various aspects of food preparation that ensures your customers get safe, quality meals at all times.

Food Safety is a topic that affects those who work in restaurants and other food establishments. It is also essential for any consumer to consider when making a purchase. Food safety is a combination of many different concepts and principles. A certificate or diploma from Mirbly will provide the foundational knowledge to maintain food safety at your workplace, home, and dining out.

As such, we are pleased to offer our Food Safety level one course as an alternative option for workers who learn the basics of food hygiene. Through this course, you will understand how to prepare food safely without compromising hygiene or the food's quality.

With topics such as regulations, precautions, and care when preparing food for others covered in depth, your Food Hygiene Certificate/Food Safety level one course will equip you with the knowledge you need to work confidently in the catering industry.
The course curriculum is the following: Introduction to Food Safety procedures.
Relevant legislation overarching food safety.
Allergen Regulations 2014 affecting food safety.
Bacteriology and Food Poisoning
Bacteria and their Effects on food hygiene
How we control bacterial growth
Food Poisoning and allergic reactions
Types of infections
Poisons and food poisoning
Food Contamination and Personal Hygiene
Cross-contamination: Direct and Indirect
Example of Indirect cross-contamination
Preventing cross-contamination
Guidelines regarding food safety in Bars and restaurants
Health and food hygiene for restaurant workers
Protective Clothing in food production
Personal responsibilities at work and while handling food.
What to do in case of illness, employers responsibility in this regard.
Personal Illness and exclusion from work
Safe Food Storage
Understanding Use by and best before dates
Temperature controls in Heating, refrigeration and freezing

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