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Information Governance Level 1 (VTQ)

Who can take this Course?

Healthcare workers


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VTQ Level 1

About the Course

Information Governance is an important component of a successful information management strategy. IT and data are becoming increasingly important in every aspect of our lives. Whether you are an expert in the field or new to it, Data Protection is one of the most critical areas of governance. Information Governance is how companies understand how important information is and how it must be managed to ensure that there are no security breaches or violations.

Information governance is the ability to manage and protect the information in its various forms. It encompasses more than just records management; it contains several other important organisational functions. In this course, you will learn about some of these functions and how they can be used to help your organisation be more efficient and effective. We'll start with data security and compliance, followed by quality assurance and data governance. Then we'll look at electronic discovery and risk management before moving on to privacy and big data.

You might already have an interest in these areas of IT Management or have heard about them from friends or colleagues who work for companies that are serious about their information systems being protected and governed correctly. Or maybe you're still thinking about it, wondering if this is something you should get involved with? This course will help you make the best decision for your organisation so that you can continue to grow within the business world!

Ever wondered why organisations are losing so much money, time and effort due to data theft? Well, that is because the information is power. In this world where everything is interconnected, connected and automated, it is becoming essential for every business to be at par with the present times. A company that knows where its data lies will be able to make better decisions and take strict but necessary measures. With Information Governance in place, a company can achieve peak efficiency levels and minimise errors while achieving its goals.

Come on! Don't you want to get ahead of your competitors?

Why not book an appointment with us today? This course aims to give participants a basic understanding of the policies required to implement or understand Information Governance, including information security and privacy.

By completing this course, you will be able to:

- Recognise critical terms used in Information Governance such as Security and Privacy. What doe this mean? - Understand the different types of Information Governance and their importance.

- Understand how to identify and assess business risks from information management practices. How do we identify and evaluate business risks through information management?

- Understand the techniques used to protect information and how these techniques can be applied.

- Understand the definitions of Information Security, Data Protection Laws and Compliance Frameworks - Learn about Risk Management Processes Required for the Effective Implementation of Information Governance Policies, including Identification, Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies.

- Discuss methods for protecting Personally Identifiable Information (PII) within an organisation, including data minimisation and encryption techniques. What are the plans for PII protection within an organisation?

- Understand the regulatory framework applicable to organisations and how to comply with relevant regulations. This includes understanding data protection laws, GDPR compliance & PII handling requirements under PCI DSS

- Understand how organisations are regulated via laws and policies. e.g. Health & Safety, Data Protection etc

- Understand why it's essential for organisations to manage their information assets effectively. - Understand how an effective information governance program can help organisations reduce risk, improve efficiency and protect their data. - Understand the importance of information management in a digital age and why organisations must have an effective system.

- Learn about the concepts of Risk, Compliance, and Ethics underpin Information Governance. - Understand how to effectively use information management tools and techniques to protect, manage and monitor data.

- Understand the importance of compliance with data protection laws across an organisation's entire global enterprise. - Understand the risk management process and how to integrate it into an effective information governance program.

- Understand the importance of data profiling in protecting personal information. - Understand the various methods for data destruction.

- Learn about the different types of threats to personal information and how to protect against them. - Understand the GDPR requirements for personal data handling and how to comply. - Understand the risk management principles and how to apply them to support an effective information governance program. - Understand the GDPR's provisions on personal data protection awareness and training and its enforcement mechanisms.

- Practice by following step-by-step instructions on preparing a practical application for eDiscovery data. - Reflect on your experience and learn how to apply the concepts learned in the course. - Take a quiz to test your understanding of the course.

Enrolling in this course is an excellent opportunity to learn more about what information governance entails, why it's so important, and some of the risks associated with poor information governance practices. And while we hope that you have enjoyed our content, be sure to check out our other courses, which cover topics like Data Protection compliance strategy and auditing!

Certify yourself with this Data Protection course – we know how crucial skill it is!

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