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Person Centred Care Level 2 (VTQ)

Who can take this Course?

Care workers, Nurses, Social care, Health care assistants, Assistant practitioners, Care support workers or
anyone supporting clinical roles in the NHS where they have direct contact with patients, Home care workers, Porters, Volunteers, Cooks, and Drivers.


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VTQ Level 2

About the Course

At the heart of the sector's ethos is a belief in person-centred care. And its importance can't be understated - for patients, families, and staff. It's about understanding that people come first, not services or processes. In this level 2 module on values, you will discover what person-centred care is and why we should value it so much as health and social care professionals.

You will also be encouraged to think critically about your values and beliefs and how these shape your thinking on various matters relevant to healthcare. Finally, you'll see how these values are reflected in our approach to delivering person-centred care throughout the sector - from clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) to chief executives!

Values are our beliefs that shape our thoughts and reactions, which form the basis of what we believe in. They affect the way we conduct ourselves, the values we hold dear and how we go about living life. There are times when you might not be conscious of a specific value or belief, but it all boils down to how you were brought up. Values are formed by our childhoods, families, backgrounds and cultures. We learn about these values from elders, friends and family members who have been through similar experiences as us.

From understanding your values to discovering more about Compassion in Care (VTQ), you don't need to feel shy! Come with us - let's try to change our world for good!

What will the course teach me? Person-centred care is all about putting the person first, and it's a fundamental principle in healthcare. You'll learn what person-centred care is, why it's essential, and how to apply this philosophy when delivering care. You'll also think critically about your values and beliefs, shaping your feelings about healthcare.

The course Delivery of Person Centred Care includes:

Values and Beliefs in Healthcare

What Is Person-Centred Care

Human Values in Healthcare

The Importance of Person-Centred Care

Please note for those candidates working on their Care Certificates: This course covers the learning outcomes of standard 5 of the Care Certificate.

person centred care training course
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