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Working Safely (IIRSM Approved)

Who can take this Course?

Construction, Manufacturing.


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About the Course

All personnel, both employers and employees, work safer when they are concerned and interested. Understanding where this applies and ensuring that employees follow safe procedures are critical to safeguard people and firms. Working safely is a subject where the law imposes particular responsibilities on workers is health and safety.
Accidents seem to be something that only happens to others, according to the majority of workers. The truth is that failing to follow Health and Safety regulations and operating in unsafe work practices - physical, mental, and financial consequences of which can have a significant impact on themselves, their families, and coworkers - puts too many people at risk. Fire safety, asbestos awareness, working at height, COSHH, PPE, and electricity are just a few topics covered throughout the course. Methods for increasing safety efficiency and protecting the environment are also covered. By passing and attending this course of working safely, you will get a Certified CPD Statement, an industry standard Certificate, and a statement of your learning for online courses. We assure you that independent accredited bodies verify our course content.
What do I learn from this course?
Introducing safe working practices.
What is a Hazard and Risk ?
What are Common Hazards in the workplace?
How to continuously Improving Safety Performance.
Steps to take for protecting the Environment.
Final Assessment of safe working.
Hazard Perception and implementing safety cultures.
Employers and employees must care about their safety and the safety of others at work. You will learn your responsibilities from a legal point of view and how this is applied in practicable terms—also the need to encourage safe behaviour in everyone to protect individuals and businesses. The issues arising from the physical, mental and financial burden of accidents and their consequences on families and colleagues are emphasised. The course includes a wide-ranging curriculum of fire safety, asbestos awareness, working at heights, COSHH, PPE etc. You will learn the different methods of improving safety and protecting the environment with this health and safety training course.

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