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Frequent Asked Questions

  • When do I get my certificates?
    Once you have passed the test, your course is completed, and your certificates can be downloaded after 24 hours for VTQ certificates, and RFQ certificates take three to five working days to process and send out to you.
  • How long do I have to complete the online training?
    You are expected to complete the training within a month; you will be sent a reminder of the deadline well before the expiry date?
  • Does the Initial Person on Scene (IPOS) have an end date?
    The IPOS does not have an end date; however, to keep your knowledge and skills up to date, you will need to attend a yearly refresher course face to face or online with your learning provider.
  • Can I cancel a course?
    Yes, you can cancel with at least three days’ notice; cancellation fees of 50 per cent of the order value apply if you tell us 1-2 days before the commencement date. If you have booked one month in advance, you have two weeks to cancel, a 50 per cent cancellation fee applies if you cancel a week before the course commencement date.
  • Do I need literacy and numeracy skills to do a course?
    Some courses specify a minimum of Level 2 Literacy and Numeracy Skills. Please ring us to check if the course you want to attend has this requirement.
  • How soon can you arrange a group booking?
    How soon can you arrange a group booking?
  • Will I be sent a reminder when my course expires?
    Yes, we will send you an email notification, or if you are registered on our platform, you will see the expiry date written next to the name of the course in the section listing all the classes you have attended with us.
  • How old do I need to be to attend a course?
    Our courses can be attended by anyone over 14 years, where there are practical sessions like Moving and Handling and First Aid; we expect you to be physically fit and be able to work at floor level.
  • Does the Initial Person on Scene (IPOS) have an end date?
    The IPOS does not have an end date; however, to keep your knowledge and skills up to date, you will need to attend a yearly refresher course face to face or online with your learning provider.
  • Does the EFAW emergency first aid at work have a refresher course?
    No. You will have to sit the entire 6+ hours course again.
  • What is a blended course?
    A blended course is a combination of online learning and classroom learning. We offer a range of blended courses for most industries. If you have something specific, please call us for more information on 01603339053.
  • Do I need to know First Aid before I sit a course?
    For Basic Life Support and similar courses (please ring us or message us for more information), you don’t need any prior knowledge; however, for some of the courses with advanced techniques like FAW, IPOS, FPOS etc., you are required to have done an introductory first aid course before.
  • Do I have to sit a test?
    Yes, all our courses have a short multi-choice test paper. The pass rate is 75 per cent.
  • Why is training crucial to healthcare standards of delivery?
    A continuous learning culture in a care organisation underpins a person-centred, and rights-based delivery in care is essential. This will enable your staff to deliver care safely and be mindful of safeguarding practices associated with safety in caring for vulnerable people. Bespoke training empowers staff to disseminate the learnings to where care takes place and appointing change agents within organisations can ensure lasting change in practices. One of the major areas where most care homes fail is Infection Control, Medication errors, Moving and Handling errors, injuries due to slips and falls and more.
  • What standards does the Health and Social Care Training meet?
    Our training provides induction training and annual refresher training to fulfil the recommended practice. Meeting compliance means that employers can provide the evidence of meeting the KPI standards of safe, effective, responsive and well-led and therefore improving your CQC ratings.
  • What does mandatory Training for Health and Social Care mean?
    Under the guidelines of your regulatory body. Care Quality Commission (CQC), your local authority and HSE regulations of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, an employer must ensure that the statutory requirements for carrying out its function as a business must be met. Mandatory training means staff must have completed or undergoing completion of The Care Certificate, Moving and Assisting of People and Inanimate Objects, Infection Control, Health & Safety, Fire Safety, Basic Life Support (minimum standard), safeguarding, Dementia Training (PM Dementia Challenge require everyone working in healthcare should have this training), Medication training etc. The Skills endorse our courses for Care.
  • How to order a CSCS card?
    Different types of CSCS cards are issued, depending on your qualifications and trade. If you wish to know how to obtain a CSCS card or need help filling out an application form, please contact us. Please call us on 01603339053 for further information and advice on how to order the correct CSCS card.
  • What do I need to apply for a Black Manager’s CSCS card?
    It would help if you had an NVQ or SVQ 4, 5, 6 or 7 qualifications to be able to access a Black Managers CSCS card, and you also need to complete a CITB Managers & Professionals test.
  • Do I need to do a course to obtain a Labourers CSCS card?
    Yes. To be eligible to apply for a labourer’s card, you will need to complete a 45-minute touch-screen test at your nearest test centre. You will also need to do a Health and Safety Awareness course. Once you have completed both the test and the course, we can process your CSCS card, which you should receive in about 5-10 days from the day of your application.
  • My CSCS card has expired, and I still haven't received it. Can I still work?
    Most managers will allow you to work onsite as long as you show proof that a CITB test booking and renewal of your CSCS card have been made. After booking your test, we will send an email confirmation with all the test details and a receipt. These emails may be used as proof that you have successfully booked the test, and you can show this as evidence to your manager. Doing this will also give an excellent impression to your employer; it will show you are responsible and have taken the necessary steps in renewing or processing your CSCS card.
  • What do I need to apply for a Blue Skilled CSCS card?
    It would help if you had an NVQ2 qualification in the construction industry to access a Blue Skilled Worker CSCS card.
  • Why is it essential to get a CSCS card?
    CSCS cards are required to gain entry to and work on most construction sites in the UK. CSCS cards come in different colours, indicating various trades and your skill level. CSCS test bookings can be made through our website. If you require professional advice, please call us on 01603339053
  • How long will it take for my CSCS card to arrive?
    It will take 5-10 days to process the card after completing a CITB test. In some cases, an additional course (the Health and Safety Awareness Course, for example) is required. If you are already qualified, there is no need to do the course. Once we have received the necessary documentation from you, we will process your CSCS card.
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