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About Us

Our Founder

Miriam Blyth is the founder and head trainer of mirbly, she has 10 years’ experience teaching mandatory courses and training others to become proficient in Health Care practice. She has taught First Aid Courses across all sectors and is currently expanding her reach into the areas of Construction, Manufacturing and Catering.

Miriam has a great passion for lifelong learning and is a firm believer in research led practice, liaising with industry bodies to improve safety in the workplace. In her spare time, she volunteers with the EEAST and St John’s Ambulance, where she is able to enrich her skills and expertise. She believes that we always have something to learn from each other and sharing of knowledge and information safely is important to strengthen good practice in whatever we do.


With the rising prevalence of dementia diagnoses and the Government’s plan to create more Dementia Friendly Neighbourhood Schemes nationwide, Miriam is now in her last year of a master’s degree in Dementia Studies to help her build relevant courses and training programmes that are aimed at caregivers as well as involving them in her understanding of their care coping strategies. She is currently working on a project with the Reminiscence Therapists Association, a centre of excellence for caregivers of patients with Dementia, which she and the late Tom Davies, Society Photographer, founded in 2011.

photo of Miriam Blyth
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Don't learn safety by accident

At Mirbly Ltd, we value life and believe it is precious. It is important to prepare for any unexpected emergencies that can happen in the workplace or at home.

Our priority is to help individuals and organizations to be better prepared for any life-threatening situation.

Our comprehensive Health & Safety Training programs help individuals learn the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence to respond effectively in any situation.

With Mirbly, you can relax knowing that you and your team are prepared.

We care about why life is precious, a life-threatening incident can happen to anyone, anywhere at work or at home. It could be you, your family, friends, or workmates.

With Mirbly’s Health & SafetyTraining you can relax knowing your team are prepared for anything.

Find out about our courses 

Our Tests

Health & Safety Training

Its all about teaching you how to problem-solve when a situation arises rather than remembering acronyms and facts alone.

You want to discuss your problem-solving issues in health & safety. In these practical sessions we encourage the group to discuss potential issues relevant to their workplace practice.

We respect confidentiality, anything you discuss remains within the teaching environment.

Your Assessment

You want to be assured that learning took place. Your learning will be observed during the course, you are assessed on your participation in the discussions, questions and answers, quizzes and practical demonstrations you will take part in. As a formality, A test paper is sat at the end of the session to show us your understanding.


Learning is a lifelong process that exists beyond the training room. Technique’s change, technology moves on, and let’s face it, some things you learn in the training room can fade from your mind over time. After your training with us you will receive a 3-month, 6 month and 18-month aftercare email, where we can keep you up to date and discuss any questions you might have.

There’s Always Room for Improvement

As a team we are passionate about delivering education; it is important to always be on the lookout for ways to improve our delivery. Whether it is through peer evaluation, feedback forms or just having a simple chat with you, we always strive to optimise our training courses.

Health and Safety in the Workplace
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