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As the need for quality healthcare increases due to an ageing population, so too has the demand for caring and experienced healthcare professionals. Sadly, this places a huge strain on our existing resources, driving many care homes to search for innovative recruitment solutions.

If you are looking to source new staff or explore alternative options that fit your needs, enlisting the help of a dependable and experienced healthcare recruitment agency is the best decision you can make.

Recruitment Challenges Care Homes Face

As the demand for adequately skilled, trained, and experienced staff increases, care homes find difficulty sourcing qualified staff.

Here are recruitment challenges that care homes must overcome:

●    Shrinking labour market
●    Budget cuts for in-house recruitment
●    Ever-changing government regulations
●    Outdated technology

health and social care recruitment , carer helping an elderly gentleman after falling on the floor

Service Excellence and Top-Notch Care

Mirbly is an established healthcare recruitment agency specialising in sourcing and providing quality care home staff. We take the guesswork out of staffing and save businesses valuable time and money by providing expert assistance with recruiting and managing new employees.

Mirbly has a vast network of healthcare professionals, all with their own unique set of skills and qualifications. We understand the importance of finding reliable healthcare professionals for your care home, so our team carefully vet each candidate to ensure they meet the highest standards of excellence.

healthcare recruitment agency worker assisting a patient

Temporary Staffing for Healthcare

Mirbly is the recruitment partner of choice for healthcare organisations looking to fill short-term staffing needs. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that healthcare professionals with the right skills and experience can be quickly identified and deployed where needed.

We understand the unique complexities of the healthcare industry, including regulatory requirements, shifts in demand and employee scheduling. That’s why we are committed to providing a high level of customer service with each placement and offering flexible recruitment solutions that meet any budget or timeline.

Benefits of Outsourcing Recruitment

Outsourcing healthcare staffing for care homes is an excellent solution to many challenges senior care facilities face today. Mirbly is your trusted partner in all aspects of care home hiring and recruitment.

Access to a Pool of Qualified Healthcare Professionals

Care homes get access to skilled and certified professionals and achieve a smoother transition when expanding or changing the care needs of your patients.

Rigorous Screening Process

We shortlist the most qualified professionals, saving you valuable time and resources that could be used instead for more important aspects of your care facility, like operations or care delivery.


We ensure that our clinicians comply with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards. Our candidates have also received the necessary training and certifications to fulfil their duties with professionalism and excellence.

Customer Service and Accountability

Our involvement does not end after you have officially hired the candidate/s—we stay in touch with you to address any concerns and ensure that the entire recruitment process is a success. Our escalation process ensures that all matters are handled urgently and effectively.


Entrust Your Recruitment Process to Us

Let us take the burden off your shoulders and help you find healthcare professionals that perfectly match your requirements! We are here to make healthcare recruitment easier for you.

Contact us at 01603 339053 or to schedule a consultation with our team.

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