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  • What Does a Defibrillator Do? The Purpose of an AED

    In first aid, AED stands for ‘Automated External Defibrillator’. The training covers device usage, CPR and first aid procedures - ensuring that everyone who needs to Anatomy of a defibrillator A defibrillator is medical equipment that a first aider can restore cardiac aid kits. For one, make sure that you are familiar with the basic principles of first aid.

  • Anaphylaxis Definition: What is Anaphylaxis?

    This blog will signpost the Anaphylaxis courses we deliver on how to give first aid for Anaphylaxis. aid as quickly as possible! Wearing a medical ID bracelet that indicates you are an allergy sufferer will alert the first aider about How to give first aid for Anaphylaxis? We will also provide tips on giving first aid in an anaphylactic reaction and advice on living with severe

  • Simple Guidance to Avoid Work-Related Musculoskeletal Issues in Nursing Homes

    the provision of staff training in the correct selection and use of mechanical aids 2. the reduction of manual handling by correct selection and use of mechanical aids, wherever possible 3 Where necessary, suitable mechanical aids (ie back supports, patient hoists, transfer boards) must be However, if all staff are not correctly trained in how to lift and move patients using appropriate aids

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  • Parent First Aid

    Parent First Aid Who can take this Course? Parents. Learning the basic first aid skills for infants and children will make you confident to handle life's

  • Junior First Aid

    Junior First Aid Who can take this Course?

  • Forest Schools First Aid

    Forest Schools First Aid Who can take this Course? ​ ​ Hrs 3 Enrol Classroom 240 14 Enrol ​ ​ ​ Enrol Certificate: VTQ < Back About the Course This 2 day first aid course is designed for dealing with illnesses you will come across in Forest Schools and how to

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