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Basic Life Support (BLS) Level 2 (VTQ) - Virtual Practical part

Who can take this Course?

Firefighters, Nurses, Care Workers, Doctors, First Aiders, Medical workers.


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VTQ Level 2

About the Course

Basic life support skills are indispensable to any healthcare provider's repertoire. Learning the basics will ensure that you can provide care to patients during emergencies and give them the best possible chance of recovery. This course teaches you about BLS for adults, children, and infants to ensure that you provide the proper care level in any situation. Whether it's choking or heart problems, your knowledge will help to keep your patients safe throughout their stay at the hospital.

There's no better time than now to learn these vital skills! We'll take you through each step so you're confident in your ability to provide first aid when needed. We also cover infant CPR and handover techniques to enhance your knowledge further.

Join us today and start saving lives!

BLS is a must-have skill, and after completing the first part of your course, which focuses on the theoretical content, you must be eager to learn more. This time, we're making it easy for you with our classroom practical—train from the comfort of your home or office.

Now you can master all the skills required for a smooth BLS course in no time!

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