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Epilepsy Awareness (VTQ)

Who can take this Course?

Healthcare Workers


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About the Course

Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes seizures. Not many people know about it, but over 600,000 people in the UK have epilepsy at the moment. Six hundred twelve people are diagnosed with this condition every week, and 21 die related to epilepsy yearly. Head injuries, brain tumours, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s can be associated with symptoms of epilepsy, and some could be genetic causes. In 65% of the cases, the cause is unknown. Emergency admissions to hospitals are alarmingly high - 100,000 people every year! There are over 40 types of seizures that can be different for everyone, so managing epilepsy 24/7 can be challenging. This course on epilepsy is here to help you understand the situation and how to control seizures in the best way for you.

The world has become more aware of different diseases, and epilepsy is no exception. You might be scared of what others will think if they ask about your health, but there's nothing wrong with asking your doctor or loved one about getting a check-up for diseases or conditions like epilepsy. It's an accepted norm now, and it would be great if we all adopted that attitude towards health instead of worrying about what others think! If you have been diagnosed with this condition, then we hope we've managed to give you some information about it so that you can live life as usual as possible!

Don't hesitate - to get checked for epilepsy today!

Epilepsy Awareness Course Online educates people about epilepsy, seizure disorders, and managing seizures.

The course will teach you about the condition and its symptoms so that you can be an informed patient or caregiver. You'll also explore what causes epilepsy and find out ways how you can support someone living with epilepsy so they live their best life possible.

What will we learn with the course?

1. What is epilepsy?

2. What are the symptoms of epilepsy?

3. How does Epilepsy affect people's lives?

4. The causes of epilepsy – what you can do to prevent it in yourself or your loved ones

5. Managing seizures: ways to control them and achieve better health

6. Spiritual issues and epilepsy – how to cope with them

7. Support networks for people living with epilepsy: where to turn for help

Don't wait any longer - enrol today on our online course on Epilepsy!

This Epilepsy course will help you recognise the signs and symptoms and how to deal with epileptic seizures.

epilepsy awareness training course
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