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First Aid for American Football (VTQ)

Who can take this Course?

Anyone who plays American Football


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About the Course

American football has taken the world by storm, and with good reason. The sport is addictive, fun and provides many health benefits. But, like any other sport, it has its share of injuries and health risks.

First Aid for American Football is designed to help you understand these risks and how you can effectively deal with them. This course has been designed by a team of experts who have vast experience in this field and have hands-on knowledge in this sport.

Don't let your passion for American Football hold you back from experiencing a range of first aid courses!

First Aid for American Football is designed to meet the approval of the British American Football Coaches Association and complies with first aid regulations and the safety guidelines of the Coronavirus Act.

What is covered? This course covers the following topics:

- Basic first aid for football injuries

- How to recognise and deal with common football injuries

- Managing Head, Neck and Spinal Injuries in Footballers

Health benefits of American football - Managing Blood Pressure and other Cardiovascular Risk in Footballers

- Preventing Concussions and Other Head Injuries in Footballers

Who is this course designed for? Sports players, Coaches.

This course provides you with information on all the likely injuries and illnesses found on a football pitch, including what to do in case of an emergency. It also includes a section on assisting a Paramedic attending an incident. Check out more information about this class and enrol today - you won't regret it!

For more information about this course, please call us today.

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