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First Aid for Fitness and Dance Instructors Level 3 (VTQ)

Who can take this Course?

Fitness Instructors, Gym Owners, Theatres and anyone in Leisure who offer this activity.


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VTQ Level 3

About the Course

Are you a teacher in fitness and dance and need to be compliant in providing first aid? This
course is tailored to your workplace needs. It is adapted to the various illnesses and injuries
you may face in the workplace and you will learn treatments to address
any first aid emergencies. The course meets all the HSE standards as well as the safety
protocol of Coronavirus 19.

The course curriculum:

How to assess Scene Safety and manage an incident?
Importance of first aider safety.
Importance of pre-medical conditions in assessing illness.
Show how to place someone in a Recovery Position
How to suspect if someone is suffering from a Heart Attack?
How to perform CPR
Why Compression only CPR?
What are the types of Choking?
Types of Bleeding.
How to deal with Shock and Fainting?
How to deal with Head Injuries?
How to give first aid to someone with Sprains and Strains?
How to give first aid to a casualty with Dislocations and Fractures?
How to give first aid to a casualty with eye injuries?
How to deal with Dental Injuries?
Signs and symptoms of Asthma.
How to Manage Pre-Existing Conditions?
How to carry out Post Incident Reporting.

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