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Paediatric Basic Life Support (BLS) Level 2 (VTQ)

Who can take this Course?

Nurses, Doctors, Locum and agency workers, Teachers.


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VTQ Level 2

About the Course

A life-saving skill every healthcare professional needs to know, Paediatric Basic Life Support goes way beyond CPR. Learn how to handle emergencies and respond quickly in various scenarios with this comprehensive course that covers everything from Child and Infant to Healthcare variations on infant CPR. Perfect for nurses, care workers or medical professionals needing annual updates to complete professional membership, this online course is ideal whether you want to learn the basics or enjoy a more in-depth understanding of these lifesaving skills. You'll understand the importance of safety and precautions when responding to an emergency, followed by an initial assessment before you can start your CPR and rescue breathing training.

Basic Life Support courses have been designed to meet all the required learning outcomes and are aligned to the Skills for Health UK Core Skills Training Framework or UK-CSTF. This online paediatric basic life support course is accredited by the British Cardiac Society (BCS) and National Council for Paediatrics and Child Health (NCCP). It includes level 2 paediatric patient care. The course is also Skills for Care Endorsed and follows the requirements set out in the Resuscitation Council (UK) guidelines for adult and Paediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and basic life support (BLS).

The course is valid for one year and complies with the latest 2015 ERC and UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines.

Once your skills are up to scratch, learn how important it is to keep up-to-date on developments in healthcare through regular courses and updates! Whether you're looking for something flexible where you can fit it around work commitments or prefer it all at once over a weekend, Paediatric Basic Life Support has something for everyone.

Paediatric Basic Life Support is a vital skill for nurses, caretakers, and medical professionals. The course outlines skills relevant to the needs of children from birth to 18 years old, including infant CPR and choking. The online-only system is ideal for busy professionals who want annual updates without attending in-person classes. With over 2,000 students enrolled, this program will help you meet your certification requirements.

Paediatric Basic Life Support online is an annual update course that covers everything related to taking care of your child from birth to 18 years old. It includes everything from safety precautions and first aid techniques to CPR and infant healthcare issues. The course also provides essential information regarding paediatric healthcare variations on infant CPR and choking skills. With this online course, you'll be able to handle any medical emergency or abnormal situation with ease! But if you need a practice session as well, we have a network of approved instructors where we can offer the course as blended, including a short practice session.

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