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Manufacturing Health and Safety Training Courses

Do you work in the manufacturing industry and are looking for a course? Choose from hundreds of courses that can be delivered face to face, online and virtual by a live instructor remotely. First aid courses ranging from Basic Life Support, Community AED Emergency First Aid at Work, First Aid At work, manual handling, food safety, health and safety courses, Abrasive Wheels Awareness, Noise Awareness IIRSM, Slips Trips and Falls, TQUK Award in Safe Moving and Handling can be arranged at your premises, please the ones that are appropriate for the needs of your business. We have instructors who have the knowledge and experience in their field and deliver practical relevant training for your industry. Our friendly booking team can deliver fast response times to meet your training requirements.

The World of Manufacturing


The manufacturing industry is a sector of the economy involving the production of goods and services through labour, machines, tools, and chemical processes. Companies in this industry are responsible for raw material procurement, production, packaging, and distribution.


There is a growing demand for highly skilled workers who can fill jobs in manufacturing. Many employers are looking for candidates who have completed specialised training. By taking manufacturing courses, you can gain the skills and knowledge you need to stand out from other applicants or excel in your current job.


Manufacturing and Workplace Competencies


Manufacturing provides jobs for millions of people worldwide, and it plays a key role in producing goods and services. Learning about manufacturing can help us understand how things are made and give us insights into the complex global supply chains that bring products to our shelves.


Learning about manufacturing and workplace safety is also essential for anyone who works in this industry. By understanding the risks and how to avoid them, employees can help to create a safer working environment for everyone.


Proper training and knowledge ensure that workers are well-equipped to protect themselves from potential workplace dangers while performing their tasks successfully and efficiently.


Manufacturing Courses


There are many types of manufacturing courses available. Whether you're looking to get started in the manufacturing industry or advance your career, we offer various courses that will meet your personal and professional needs.


Emergency first aid, rescue and recovery, and workplace safety are some of the most basic and essential courses one has to take in this industry to prevent accidents and injuries. Mirbly also offers more advanced courses focusing on specific production aspects, such as abrasive wheels awareness and confined spaces.


Discover Career Opportunities in Manufacturing


Manufacturing jobs can be found in various industries, from automotive to aerospace to consumer goods. And while some may require specific technical skills, others may be more general. No matter your skills and interests, there is likely a place for you in manufacturing.


There are many reasons to pursue a career in manufacturing. Manufacturing jobs are often well-paying and offer good benefits; they are also exciting and challenging, so you'll never run out of new experiences.


The manufacturing industry is showing no signs of slowing down, and there has never been a better time to get involved in this exciting industry.

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